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Well, I had the chance to break out the old light box and camera this afternoon and did my best to take some decent photographs of the Gal Vorbak!

Gal Vorbak Squad1 Gal Vorbak squad2 Gal Vorbak1 Gal Vorbak2 Gal Vorbak3 Gal Vorbak4 Gal Vorbak5


I now have four more Possessed Chaos Space Marines to complete then I have a few options open to me. I have the majority of the Dark Vengeance Chaos models to paint. But I also have Space Hulk, chaos lord and sorcerer to convert and loads of other stuff…

… You never really finish painting your army do you!

I really need more daylight lamps to make the light box work for me as well as it could. But for now these will have to do!

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