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Accursed Cultist/Gellerpox Infected

I love the  Gellerpox Infected models, but didn’t see anywhere I could put  them in my Word Bearers force. That is, until the  Accursed Cultists became a thing. I used three of the big fellas, and converted two extra models to make up a full squad. This way I don’t have to have duplicate models in my army, and I get to have some amazing minis to boot!

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Chaos Obliterators

I am back to painting half finished projects from the pile of  glory (shame). I have three Obliterators waiting to get done, but I thought I would get this fella done first, as he was built  and converted as one model, with no sub assemblies. It was a bit of a pain to get to all the nooks and crannies, but pretty happy with him!


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Dark Commune

I have completed the Dark Commune to go alongside my Word Bearers. I wonder if the Thousand Sons will be able to use this unit in the future.

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Word Bearer painting guide Part One – Red Armour

I made a new painting video. Still learning the ropes really, but thought I would start at how I paint my Word Bearers!

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Word Bearers Rhino

I have had little time for painting recently, but I decided to sort out a Rhino for my Word Bearers.

This is actually an old Rhino from an older Word Bearers army, but IO thought I may as well just spruce this one up, rather than buy a whole new one.

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Word Bearers Legionaries

Third and final five man squad of Word Bearers Legionaries for my army. I don’t think I will ever fully assemble a marine ever again before painting it, been a nightmare!

Click for larger image
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Argel Tal – The Crimson Lord, Commander of the Serrated Sun

As a general rule, I avoid painting resin miniatures. This isn’t because the designs are bad, but I find that if they aren’t vehicles with large flat surfaces, the resin just can’t handle the level of detail.

However, when Argel Tal came out, I knew I had to paint this fella. He is the first Possessed Chaos Space Marine, and his character is amazing too in the Heresy.

Some areas of the miniature hold up quite well, but sadly I still found myself frustrated with it towards the end. Would be great if Forge World could go full plastic.

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Word Bearers Dark Apostle

No Word Bearers force is complete without it’s spiritual compass that is a Dark Apostle. And the new set kicks ass, so it was high time I got round to paint one!

Click for larger image.

I actually enjoyed painting the cultists he drags along with him more than I did the Apostle, still an amazing mini though.

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Word Bearers Chaos Space Marines

This is the second, of three, small Chaos Space Marine squad for my Word Bearers. I have tried to keep up with the balance of quality and quantity with these guys. So have built them before painting them, and tried not to worry that they aren’t “as good as I can get them”.

Quick “boy band” pic with them on a white background! 😀

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Word Bearers Greater Possessed

I recently finished a Greater Possessed for my Word Bearers. I am quite keen to make an army with a lot of Possessed marines in my army, but there are rumours flying about of a new box set for them, so holding off with the current models just in case!

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