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Classic Archaon

I have painted up Archaon to act as a Chaos Lord to lead my Varanguard. The new Archaon model is cool and all that, but this model is peak Archaon. If I am honest, I think it was peak metal miniatures (for all their faults) and Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

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Untamed Beasts

I have been moving house for the last few weeks, and I finally have my camera and desk all set up and (nearly) ready to go. I painted these chaps ages ago, but only now have I had the chance to snap a pic of them.

Click for larger image.


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I have painted up some of the cracking Varanguard models for my Maggotkin army.

Like with most projects these days, I built these completely before painting them, so there are a few difficult to get to areas that have suffered. But happy with em for gaming pieces.

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Khagra’s Ravagers

I have finished off Khagra’s Ravagers. These are all great models, but, I really just painted these up because I like the Sorcerer model!

Click for larger picture.
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