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Classic (?!) Adeptus Ministorum Missionary

I have had this model for my Sisters of Battle army sat half painted for well… god knows? And in my continued quest to get all the minis finished in my pile of shame (Hahahaha – as if), I decided to finish him.

I also thought it would be cool to do a fancy classic background in photoshop for him, so I did just that!

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Daemonifuge: Ephrael Stern and Kyganil

I have recently completed Ephrael Stern and Kyganil. I am a big fan of the graphic novels, so painting these two was loads of fun.

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First Adeptus Sororitas Squad

My first small squad of Adeptus Sororitas. Happy with how these have turned out, trying to spend no more than 3-4 hours on each.
Click for larger image.
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Inquisitor Coteaz

Need to finish the pattern on his tabard, but this is Inquisitor Coteaz for my #Newyearnewarmy!

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Sisters of Battle Test Model

In the spare time I have had recently I have been working on test paint schemes for my #Newyearnewarmy Sisters of Battle. The scheme has to be fairly straight forward in order to replicate it a lot. Pretty happy with how this one has turned out.

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Redemptor Kyrinov Complete

Well, Kyrinov is done!

There’s loads more you could do with a mini like this, the robes are begging for more freehand but this is essentially a gaming piece and I didn’t want to go over the top.

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Moar Kyrinov!

He aint finished!

A quick update on Kyrinov. I don’t intend to spend much time on this guy, but since the face is the focal point of any mini, I try and spend a little more time on it.

I have managed to blend the stubble and beard into the skin, and fixed the stark contrast between the shading and the highlighting. I may do a small pattern on his white robes, but I think there is a lot going on already in that regard with the model. Just have to see!

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More Kyrinov Work in Progress

Managed to do a little more on Kyrinov yesterday.

I still need to finish the face off, the highlights and shades are too stark, and need tidying up.

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Kyrinov WIP

In a departure from painting only blue marines, I have decided to paint up this amazing model!

I have only really finished the purple robes, everything else is work in progress, but thought I would share!

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Sisters of Battle Canoness

Recently finished my Sisters of Battle Canoness!

Happy with the sword and the face. The armour hasn’t turned out as well as i’d like, but I find it difficult to edge highlight such delicate metal parts.


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