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Classic Archaon

I have painted up Archaon to act as a Chaos Lord to lead my Varanguard. The new Archaon model is cool and all that, but this model is peak Archaon. If I am honest, I think it was peak metal miniatures (for all their faults) and Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

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Classic Gotrek and Felix

I have had quite the trip down memory lane during the current lock down. Not only did I paint Aenur, I have also dug out the original Gotrek and Felix models.  These guys are classics, and whilst they were fun to paint, you really do get a sense of how much miniature making has come along.

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Aenur – The Sword of Twilight

Every now and then, an old model from my youth jumps out at me from the past, and I decide I have to paint it. Aenur is one such model. I remember getting this miniature free on the front of White Dwarf when Mordheim came out. I have now finally got round to painting him.

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Shadespire Wight King (?) Completed

Sixth Skelemans complete. Just one more to go, then it’s Thousand Sons time!

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Fifth Shadespire Skeleton Completed

Fifth Skelemans completed!

Just two more to go, then probably gonna start work on a Thousand Sons project!

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Fourth Skelemans Complete!

Fourth one done! These minis are so cool. Just wish I had more time to spend on them and to actually paint them quicker!

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Third Shadespire Skeleton

Third Skelemans is finished!

I completed this guy a few days or so ago, but migraines and photography do not mix. 😐

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Shadespire Skeleton Finished

I have done the first Skelemans from the Shadespire box set. Really awesome minis!

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