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Mortarion, the Reaper Primarch

Hot off the heels of Horus, I thought it was best to finish off Mortarion. I have had this model since he was released, so I thought it was about time.


I tried to avoid going over the top with any dirt or damage to him, as I wanted him to reflect a time he was slightly less nurgleified (new word?). The temptation to do some freehand here and there, especially the cloak, was strong, but he was meant to be the primarch who didn’t like embellishments too much, so I managed to resist.

I know people will disagree with me, but whilst I think this is an amazing sculpt, much like the Horus model, I just found a lot of the detail to be slightly off due to the casting process. Horus was much better, but even then, the details seemed a little dodgy in places.


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Horus Ascended

A year ago my wife bought me Horus Ascended for my birthday (I know, she is amazing). So after sitting on my pile of shame for too long, and given the final book of the Horus Heresy is out, it was about time I painted him.

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Argel Tal – The Crimson Lord, Commander of the Serrated Sun

As a general rule, I avoid painting resin miniatures. This isn’t because the designs are bad, but I find that if they aren’t vehicles with large flat surfaces, the resin just can’t handle the level of detail.

However, when Argel Tal came out, I knew I had to paint this fella. He is the first Possessed Chaos Space Marine, and his character is amazing too in the Heresy.

Some areas of the miniature hold up quite well, but sadly I still found myself frustrated with it towards the end. Would be great if Forge World could go full plastic.

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Constantin Valdor, Captain-General of the Legio Custodes

I have recently been painting Constantin Valdor. My mother passed away very recently due to Covid 19, and in order to occupy my brain I have really been working away at painting.

This is a very busy model, but it’s a pretty amazing purely because it is who it is. It would be great to paint up the Emperor if Forge World ever release a model for him.

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Magnus the Red (30K Edition!)

During the most recent lock down due to COVid-19, I have taken to painting up miniatures I have had for ages, but not got round to it. One of which was the 30K version of everyone’s favourite Primarch, Magnus the Red.

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this model. For a start it is excellently sculpted, and the pose is suitably dynamic, and lets be honest, it’s Magnus, so he is brilliant.

However I hate painting resin, even Forge World’s very high quality resin has been spoilt by just how good Citadel plastic miniatures are. Some of the details on resin figures just don’t come out well in the production process (specifically the very fine detail), and it’s kind of infuriating because it makes painting certain elements of it a chore.

Still, the best Primarch ever has yet another space in my display cabinet!

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Kor Phaeron – The Master of the Faith

Kor Phaeron is finished, and here is a pic of his good self and Erebus representing! 😀

(click for bigger image)

I am not entirely sure I am that keen on their bases, or the scenic base. Nothing wrong with it, just not sure it fits my other Word Bearers.

Here is some pics of Kor Phareon on his own. I love how this guy walks into his suit of terminator armour, and the contrast between the heretical red armour and the loyalist grey is pretty damn sweet.

My own real issue with this model is the face. It looks like he has had a stroke. This may actually be intentional. His creaking body has been pumped full of so many drugs and undergone so many surgeries, that his features represent that. But it doesn’t look sinister, it just looks a bit derpy. Other than that, I am pleased with these two. Loads of the detail is difficult to pick out on these models, and I think I managed to get away with it!

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Kor Phaeron – WIP 2

Not had much time for painting recently, but I am plodding along as best I can with Kor Phaeron.

I am very glad they changed their colour scheme during the heresy, finding this grey armour a little dull to paint! 😀

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High Chaplain Erebus

The best character in all of 30k is finished! High Chaplain Erebus!


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