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T’au Crises Battle Suit

Work continues on the boy’s T’au army. He had this pre built crisis suit donated to him by his uncle, so decided to paint it up, so that it doesn’t languish on the pile of shame. The weapons are magnetised,  which is not something I personally like to do, but it did help with the painting side of things!


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Cadre Fireblade

I have completed another miniature for my son’s T’au army. Odd model this, why does he have a sheathed knife raised into the sky? There have been some odd poses in many a wargaming miniature, but this is very weird.

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T’au Pathfinders

I have finished my son’s first squad for his T’au army. And a drone to go alongside it. He has affectionately called it “Reek”. Which is, you know, nice.

Click for larger image.

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T’au Ethereal – D’yanoi test model

My son and I have started playing games of 40k together, and he decided his army is going to be T’au. I am not a huge fan of the T’au range of models, nothing specifically wrong with them, but never appealed to me to paint them. However I was surprised with this Ethereal test model, it was quick and quite fun to paint!


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