Word Bearer painting guide Part One – Red Armour

I made a new painting video. Still learning the ropes really, but thought I would start at how I paint my Word Bearers!

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Abaddon the Despoiler

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Painting Bone Guide

I recently did a guide on painting bone. There’s a number of ways to paint bone, based on how old or how dirty you want the bone to be, but this is the scheme I went with when painting my legion of the damned models.

This isn’t a very difficult technique, and you could definitely go further with it.

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Golden Throne’s guide to paint Ultramarine Power Armour

Hello guys, I have a new guide about painting Ultramarine power armour. Hope it helps!

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Golden Throne’s Painting Guide for Marble

Hello guys, I recently did a guide for painting marble! I hope it proves to be useful.

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Painting Chipped Black Power Armour – Cypher

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40k Battle Report- Word Bearers Vs. Dark Angels – 1850 points.

A few days ago I had a game with my brother and we took a few videos. I have done my best to put these videos into a battle report. The video quality isn’t great, this was a test run and hopefully next time I will have a better camera!

Anyway, tips and criticism is more than welcome.


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New Tyranids Battle Report

Here’s a battle report from the guys over at Mini wargaming.

Pretty interesting to watch, especially the Venomthropes and their shrouding rule. I get the feeling he deliberately made sure synapse was something that would come up, as he wanted to test how the new rules work.


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