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So, having had my Word Bearers published in Warhammer Visions this month (my copy has still to turn up in the post 🙁 ) you may expect me to be on a Word Bearers high!


Well, surprisingly the first thing I have painted is some Ultramarines!

asm6 wipasm

I had done a small squad of five some time ago, and to me it felt like an unfinished squad. So I decided to add the final five with sergeant and the special weapons. Now, I know they don’t look particularly great, but I converted the normal chain swords to be larger ones to represent both of them having eviscerators. I do actually have a box or two of the new assault marines, but I didn’t want the old ones to go to waste, and yeah, thought I would quickly give it a go. They look too big for just one hand, in hindsight I should have gone a step further and converted them to be holding them two handed.

Oh well!

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