Thousand Sons Daemon Prince Conversion

I have recently been working on my Daemon Prince conversion.

Click for larger image.

Given how few new miniatures Thousand Sons got (compared to Death Guard), I have been using it as an excuse to explore some more ideas for them. I knew I wanted to use the Psychic Contemptor Dreadnoughts in my army, and I use them as Daemon Princes (the size of the minis, and the in game rules don’t very massively!). I also wanted to show the sliding scale of corruption. So the Osiron dread has been left as is, just a few little bits added, and a nice blue paint job.

I also have a plan to make a middle ground Contemptor Dreadnought, in which some mutation is showing through, but not quite as much as the one I am working on now.

It’s early days yet for it, and I have only done tiny bits of green stuff work and converting, but I am really enjoying it!

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