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Mortarion, the Reaper Primarch

Hot off the heels of Horus, I thought it was best to finish off Mortarion. I have had this model since he was released, so I thought it was about time.


I tried to avoid going over the top with any dirt or damage to him, as I wanted him to reflect a time he was slightly less nurgleified (new word?). The temptation to do some freehand here and there, especially the cloak, was strong, but he was meant to be the primarch who didn’t like embellishments too much, so I managed to resist.

I know people will disagree with me, but whilst I think this is an amazing sculpt, much like the Horus model, I just found a lot of the detail to be slightly off due to the casting process. Horus was much better, but even then, the details seemed a little dodgy in places.


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Horus Ascended

A year ago my wife bought me Horus Ascended for my birthday (I know, she is amazing). So after sitting on my pile of shame for too long, and given the final book of the Horus Heresy is out, it was about time I painted him.

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Azrael – Supreme Grand Master of the Dark Angels

Some time ago I painted Azrael for my brother’s birthday. With the new miniature, I thought I would paint it up again for his birthday this year, but put it on a scenic base and all that jazz. Sadly I had some issues printing out the Dark Angels symbol for the base, so it has a place holder painted one for now!

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Only 5 years after his release, and most of those years sat on my desk unpainted, I have finally painted up Ahriman!

Belting model this, but suffers from what a lot of recent GW models suffer from, very fragile details that seem to want to bend/break/snap off at the smallest provocation.

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Dark Eldar Archon

Also finished an Archon for my army, to lead the force. I would love it if they made an Asdrubael Vect model.

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Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors

Five more Kabalite Warriors for my Dark Eldar. My army is pretty weird due to the new rules, so currently just mulling over how best to get them all equipped.

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Urien Rakarth

This model is Finecast, and painting it was as bad as Finecast gets.

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Clawed Fiend

As with Morathi, I painted this furry chap quite a while ago, and only just got round to taking a few snaps. I love this model, as is always the case, it’s a shame it is finecast, but I managed to power through!

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Old World Morathi

I painted this model quite some time ago, but only just got round to taking a few pics of her. I have no idea why she has one boob out, or just how cold she must be when she flies up into the sky at a decent altitude, but if it makes her happy, so be it.

Dark Elves clearly don’t believe in wrapping up warm.

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Word Bearers – Accursed Cultists

Had this gruesome lot sat on my desk for a while, waiting for their bases to be painted. So decided to get them done. I love these sorts of models, so more of this kind of thing please Games Workshop!

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