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Classic Archaon

I have painted up Archaon to act as a Chaos Lord to lead my Varanguard. The new Archaon model is cool and all that, but this model is peak Archaon. If I am honest, I think it was peak metal miniatures (for all their faults) and Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

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Chaos Obliterators

I am back to painting half finished projects from the pile of  glory (shame). I have three Obliterators waiting to get done, but I thought I would get this fella done first, as he was built  and converted as one model, with no sub assemblies. It was a bit of a pain to get to all the nooks and crannies, but pretty happy with him!


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The Emperor’s Champion

I painted the Emperor’s Champion a while ago, and just got round to taking some pictures of him!

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Dark Commune

I have completed the Dark Commune to go alongside my Word Bearers. I wonder if the Thousand Sons will be able to use this unit in the future.

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I have completed the first 10 Tzaangors for my Thousand Sons/Disciples of Tzeentch armies!

Yet another bunch of models that have been sat base coated now complete!

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Witch-King of Angmar

Just before Christmas (Christmas Eve to be exact) I managed to paint up the Witch-King of Angmar as a test scheme for another project. I have limited myself to greys and silvers, and wanted to see what the outcome would be.

Sadly, just as I was finishing this mini, the household came down with Papa Nurgle’s blessing, and the only person spared from his gifts was myself. So I didn’t have time to snap a pic or anything as I have been trying to look after everyone (badly) since he was complete!

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Goff Rocka!

I always like painting the Christmas model GW brings out, even if this one doesn’t seem to be festive at all? So I added some snow to it, and there we go!

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Word Bearers Rhino

I have had little time for painting recently, but I decided to sort out a Rhino for my Word Bearers.

This is actually an old Rhino from an older Word Bearers army, but IO thought I may as well just spruce this one up, rather than buy a whole new one.

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Classic (?!) Adeptus Ministorum Missionary

I have had this model for my Sisters of Battle army sat half painted for well… god knows? And in my continued quest to get all the minis finished in my pile of shame (Hahahaha – as if), I decided to finish him.

I also thought it would be cool to do a fancy classic background in photoshop for him, so I did just that!

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T’au Crises Battle Suit

Work continues on the boy’s T’au army. He had this pre built crisis suit donated to him by his uncle, so decided to paint it up, so that it doesn’t languish on the pile of shame. The weapons are magnetised,  which is not something I personally like to do, but it did help with the painting side of things!


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