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Dark Elf Supreme Sorceress

Another classic mini for my Dark Elf force. The Supreme Sorceress. Tricky model this, but a very cool pose! That being said, she comes from a place called the “The Land of Chill”, I would pop a cardi on, must be freezing.

I still don’t own a Morathi on Pegasus, maybe I should consider selling that kidney… hmmm….

Still, I should probably think about some actual infantry for my heroes to mingle with.

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Classic Dark Elf Morathi

In my continued bid to relive my youth and make a Warhammer Fantasy Battles army my 12 year old self would be happy with, I have painted up another Dark Elf. This time the classic 5th edition (?!?) model of Morathi. I am yet to obtain her model in which she is riding a dark Pegasus, but hopefully I will be able to get my mits on one.

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Dark Elf Repeater Bolt Thrower

I was a bit gutted when Dark Elves were left out of the line up for the upcoming Old World release, but by all accounts, they will still get a “get you by” army list to use, so fingers crossed they may get some love at some point down the line.

With that in mind, I have decided to build up an army of the Druchii, starting with this Repeater Bolt Thrower.

I decided to put the crew on 25mm bases, as it looks better, and it seems to be the way they are taking the game. Which is great, as it means more pose ability for models going forward, and not trying to rank up models all in the exact same pose.

I do miss Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Age of Sigmar feels hollow in comparison, but that may just be nostalgia.

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Word Bearers Possessed Chaos Space Marines

I have finished some Possessed Chaos Space marines for my Word Bearers. As with most of my projects of late, these have been done with an eye to gaming, so not so much a display piece, really intended for gaming. Especially now 10th edition is here!

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Classic Archaon

I have painted up Archaon to act as a Chaos Lord to lead my Varanguard. The new Archaon model is cool and all that, but this model is peak Archaon. If I am honest, I think it was peak metal miniatures (for all their faults) and Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

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