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Nearly finished the Mhara Gal!

mghead mgtight mgleft








I love this model because, well, it’s a huge chaos robot, what’s not to love? However I do feel like the torso is “too busy”. By this I mean there is a lot going on it’s difficult to discern some of the details because the sculptor seemed to want to do a lot with it. Also, there isn’t a focal point. Normally a miniatures head is the focal point, in this model’s case the head is so mangled and indistinct that you find your eyes wandering a little too much. This may have been the desired effect. It is chaos after all. It’s just odd to paint. I nearly did some OSL effects round the head area to really mark it out, but decided against it at the last minute.

Anyway, just his arms to do then he’s done! Oh and I need to redo the highlights on the model’s right hand side. They got a little rubbed off during painting!

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