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Well, the Mhara Gal is “finished”.

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I may yet add some things. In fact I know I need to put the Word Bearers logo on the right shoulder pad. I just can’t decide if it will be 30k or 40k logo!

I’ve added both black and white background pictures. I prefer black background pictures for my bad guys. I also think the red looks much richer and more true to life on the black background. You guys can be the best judge.

This model isn’t very photogenic, and I don’t think it comes across as cool in pictures as it does in real life. I also think the model is a little lazy. The joints at the arms seem to be at odds. The torso has melting flesh puckering up to the ball joint of the shoulder pad. However the shoulder pad itself is just nice and smooth. It seems to disrupt the flow of the miniature.

I still love it, there’s a few niggles and things I would have done differently if I had to paint it again, but I can’t grumble. Although truth be told, this was a hell of a miniature to paint, so I am kinda glad it is over!

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