Magnus the Red – White Dwarf’s model of the month!

Whenever I get any of my miniatures in White Dwarf it’s always awesome, but this month my Magnus the Red has not only been featured but is also the Model of the month!

Click for bigger picture.

Here is some higher quality pictures for better scrutiny!

Click for larger image.

It honestly never gets old seeing my stuff in the Dwarf, 15 year old me wouldn’t believe it if I could go back in time and let him know! 😀



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2 thoughts on “Magnus the Red – White Dwarf’s model of the month!”

  1. Hi! your work is amazing! can you make tutorial of magnus??? thank you very much !!!

    1. I actually can’t remember how I did loads of it. I painted it when he was released, and I have slept since. 😀

      I am glad you like him though, thanks for the kind words!

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