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Over the weekend I have been working away at a number of things.

Firstly the sixth possessed marine is coming along nicely. I try to put a decent amount of time into these sorts of minis because it’s pretty satisfying to see the end result, especially when they are all in a finished squad.


However I also try to keep in mind they are just table top minis, they aren’t showcase (by any stretch of the imagination). However these models really do deserve some more attention at some point in the future, and I may spend a week or so at some point just working on one model.

Additionally this weekend i cracked open the green stuff and got back into sculpting. It’s been an age since I did any sculpting and I want to get a bit more experience at it before attempting my landraider. First up was a converted banner arm for my possessed.


And secondly some rider legs for my biker champion (for when I eventually get round to doing some bikers).


Neither of these are finished, they need tidying up and more details added, but all in all it was a productive weekend!

Painting Blog

Okay, that’s the fourth possessed marine finished!


I now only have two more left to do, and then I need to either buy some more, or convert them to make them a full squad!


Not sure how I feel about the green goo. I tried to put it on the model sparingly so it suggests he is all plagued up, but not too much so that it makes him look more like a plague marine than a possessed Word Bearer.

Still, the goo itself is ace, will probably revisit some nurgle miniatures with it at some point in the future!

Painting Guide – Chipped Armour

I wanted to share a simple yet effective technique I stumbled across. This is a really good guide to doing chipped armour on tanks (or any armour for that matter) and it is really simple to!

It’s really worth checking out if you have ever wondered how it’s done. Here is a picture from the article to show the effect.


I couldn’t get in touch with Joel (AKA Hades) but it’s a great guide and I don’t think he will mind me sharing it.

Painting Blog

Nearly finished this guy. Need to do his back pack and touch up a few things like the bone spikes etc. Also need to add “special effects”. Something I’ve never done before but have decided to give it a go on this guy.

posse15 posse16

Painting Blog

Third possessed marine WIP. Really happy with the tone of the red on this guy. I don’t know the reason why, but whenever I take a break from painting my Word Bearers the formula for the red I like just slips my mind, it takes me a few practice models to get it right again. This never happens when I paint my Ultramarines!