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Azrael Work in Progress

I have been working on his sword a little bit recently.

Not exactly the best I have ever done, but I nearly stopped working on this model. So it’s the best it is going to get!

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Azrael- Work in Progress

I don’t mind admitting I am struggling with this model. A lot of the detail isn’t there. Which I can only assume is because it’s a metal miniature. It is making it difficult to remain enthusiastic about painting it, which is a real shame because generally speaking it is very cool. Just parts of it are very frustrating.

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Primaris Apothecary Completed

I recently painted this chap. I am pretty happy with him, I was under a pretty tight deadline, and if truth be told I would like to have spent more time on him. But considering the time constraints I can’t complain too much.

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Thousand Sons Psychic Contemptor Dreadnought

I need to finish this guys base (dead Space Wolf!), but he is done! 😀

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Further work in progress on the psychic dread

This is taking way longer than I thought it would do. Nearly finished, but not quite there!

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Thousand Sons Osiron Dread WIP 2

Work continues on my Dread!

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Thousand Sons Dread – WIP 4

Another work in progress pic or two!

Not sure about the mutated “flame” on his crown, so will return to it later.

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Thousand Sons Dread – WIP 2

Done a little more on the dread. Still need to finish the metal areas and add some details, but the general colours are in for the most part.

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Osiron Dreadnought Work in Progress

Just started to block the colours out for this chap. Plan on using him as a Daemon Prince! 😀

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40k Battle Report- Word Bearers Vs. Dark Angels – 1850 points.

A few days ago I had a game with my brother and we took a few videos. I have done my best to put these videos into a battle report. The video quality isn’t great, this was a test run and hopefully next time I will have a better camera!

Anyway, tips and criticism is more than welcome.


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